Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I learned so much about Tom Joyner while on his cruise. Not only does he love music, but he loves giving back to the community and elevating the youth. I left there inspired by Roland Martin, Soledad O’Brien, Jeff Johnson and Minister Farrakhan. There were discussions about religion, relationships and black colleges. Being around all these people on one cruise talking about a variety of hot topics, taught me so much and highlighted how beautifully eclectic we are as African Americans. We have so many different views but want the same goals, Peace, Love and Respect as a race.

The comedians had their say and boy did they say whatever came to mind. Laughter puts everything back into perspective. I also learned a lot hanging out with Legends like Charlie Wilson, Ron Isley, Kevon Edmonds and my favorite hang, Frankie Beverly and Maze. There was a tribute to Frankie Beverly and Maze and I was chosen to sing "Happy Feelings." I cannot explain to you how uncomfortable it is every single time, to sing a song to the original artist who made it a hit. My nerves always get the best of me, LOL! It was also a treat to hang out with KEM while we watched Melissa Morgan perform. There were so many wonderful moments on the cruise.

Hip Hop night was great! Seeing Doug E. Fresh, Monie Love, Common, Fat Boys, Arrested Development and so many more. That was my favorite night ever! Doug E. Fresh stole the show! More great moments took place off the ship, hanging out with my dear friend/writer/ radio personality, Jawn Murrary. The weather was awesome on the beach. Here is a photo we took on the beach. Thanks to Mr. Tom Joyner, for letting me be a part of a wonderful fantastic voyage!

photo by BunnyBoots Photography 2010

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  1. look at two of my favorite people...luv u much!!!!