Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A Quick Interview with "The Man Behind The Camera Derek Blanks"

This was my first time shooting with Mr. Blanks and his crew and I have to say I was a nervous wreck (laughing). I have had the worst experiences with photographers and honestly, I am not a fan of being photographed. Some photographers can be very intense and focused, which is understandable because photographers are artists and they are passionate about their craft. They generally don't like input. I know because I am loving my new fascination with becoming a great photographer myself. I remember telling Mr. Blanks how silly I am like Lucille Ball, but that I would love for people to see a sexy side of me as well. My Red Locs were inspired by Lucille Ball and I love making people laugh. Not only did he capture my inner and my outer spirit, he made time for me and blessed me with a rare interview. He doesn't like to say much, but his work speaks volumes.

Ledisi:Where are you originally from?

Blanks:Jackson, Mississippi

Ledisi:Why photography? What or who inspired that?

Blanks:My primary background is in Painting and Illustration. I originally used photography as a medium for reference when working with portraits (painting and illustration).  I made the transition into photography because it provided instant gratification, where as in painting, the turnaround, for me, was 30-40 hrs. 

Ledisi:What was your first shoot like?

Blanks:Pretty cool. I got to meet dead people lol. No, my first memorable shoot took place in a cemetery while in art school. 

Ledisi:Has this profession been everything you hoped it would be?

Blanks:It has exceeded my expectations. I am truly blessed and thankful for being afforded each opportunity that has come my way, good and bad, as I try to make every situation a learning experience.

Ledisi:What or who do you live for?

Blanks:I live for God, my family and myself. 

Ledisi:Favorite song?Why?

Blanks:That’s a tough one... I’ll go with “On the Ocean” by K’Jon

Ledisi:Favorite shoot?Why?

Blanks:My very first Jennifer Hudson photo shoot because the energy was great, she (Jennifer) was my first breakthrough artist and because the shoot also produced timeless images. 

Ledisi:Who do you listen to the most?

Blanks::Honestly, I’m really well rounded and listen to lots of great things and people. It kind of depends on my mood or the setting.


  1. I love the photo Ledisi. Lucy was the bomb and you really absorbed her in the pic. I loveeee Derek Blanks. : )

  2. You are a force to be reckoned with. Simply Refreshing.