Tuesday, June 8, 2010


TED WINN Gives us Balance

photo by D. Blanks

When I first heard the song " Moving Forward" by Ted Winn, I was riding in a car in LA with his Manager Mr. Roland Jack, who is also my Tour Manager and the General Manager for LedHead Productions. He played this song and I began to cry and tweet about it on twitter. I was moved by the lyrics and the production of the vocals and music. That one song led me to seek out the history of Ted Winn. I listened to a full day of TED and SHERRI’s CD as well as their individual projects. Sherri is Sherri Jones-Moffett, an incredible singer whose debut solo CD “Renewed,” received a Grammy Nomination in 2009. Both artists have released amazing projects both together and separately. This week "Balance" is in The Top 10 on the Gospel Music Charts and has become a favorite in the Gospel Community. I wanted to know what was the inspiration for “Balance,” I could have asked him about the group but... it's really time to talk about TED WINN, the solo artist. In some ways, “Balance” speaks of his independence and his connection to GOD.

Ledisi: What inspired your New CD Balance?
Ted: Balance was inspired by my desire to see people live life in a healthy & happy state. Sometimes we are so consumed with the routine we become mono-dimensional in our focus and forget to engage life on EVERY level. I hope my music will be a vehicle to transport people to a more balanced place - to look at the glass half full and realize how incredibly valuable they are.

Ledisi: What's your favorite song on your new CD?
Ted: My favorite song on the CD is "God Believes In You" and that's largely because it's the first song I wrote for the project and served as a catalyst to help me feel comfortable doing a solo CD. It speaks to the fear of failure that paralysis each of us at some point. It dismisses the notion that you cannot be successful unless certain people support or validate you. It raises the GAZE of the listener to see over EVERY obstacle and focus on the fact that the GOD who gave you vision will ALWAYS give you provision - so we can be comforted in the fact that no matter who comes or goes, GOD believes in us and since he's on our side, failure is NOT an option.

Ledisi:How do you Keep Balance?
Ted:I keep balancing by being intentional. I spend time with my family and friends. I make it a point to do something, i.e. music, that I love. I also read, go to Broadway shows, museums and plan vacation/down time. Thinking about life from different people's perspectives also keeps me balanced. In my opinion, it allows me to appreciate life to the fullest!


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