Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Spring Day In Memphis

I was so grateful to have a show in Memphis this month.I opened for Robin Thicke and it was a fun sold out show. I have to be honest, the best part of my trip was being able to come in early and see what Memphis TN had to offer. I came in a day earlier and walked around downtown with one of my road managers Clyde and my personal stylist Justin Ellis( originally from Memphis) and we met so many wonderful people while walking around.
I never hang out in the city where I perform. Always work and no play. This time I was able to hang out and see the sights. I was surprised at how popular my music has become there. I heard whispers as I walked by and many screams with my name somewhere in there.I thought something had happen at first and Justin told me "honey we love you down here! we goes in over some Ledisi!" (I love his southerness!LOL!!!)I took photos and gave hugs all day. I sure did think I could be a tourist and hang out with no one knowing who I am.(Not!) Some people could not believe it was me. The funniest moment was this young lady passing us by with a weird look and we walked into a shoe store, 5mins later she came into the shoes store."ARE YOU?"We all laughed.I had to look some people in the eyes and say yes it's me because they could not believe I was walking around. I'm pretty low key when I hang out.No diva stuff. Only in high heels.(laughing) The only time things were calm, was our visit to the National Civil Rights Museum.

It was a beautiful day and spring had just arrived. Justin wanted to make sure we saw the National Civil Right Museum (The Lorraine Hotel),which is the place were Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. The walk through the museum was breath-taking. There was so much I didn't know. Part of me had to calm down because I was emotional and taken aback how there were many original pieces from that era.You can actually see Rosa Parks in her seat on the bus and sit next to her.You can see Dr. Kings bed where he slept and prayed. You can also see where he died and where his killer slept, bathe and murdered Dr. King. You were there. When I came out of there I had to get it together.It took a minute because all day I kept thinking about the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement.I also thought about Dr. King and how simple his message of "non-violence" created so much.It felt so good to re-visit the past. I can appreciate how things are now and that inspired me to want to do more for the future.Please when you go to Memphis visit the Museum and the lady outside who has been protesting against the Museum for over 20 something years.

On a much lighter note. There are so many wonderful restaurants in the downtown area.We loved the Flying Fish and for dessert we walked to The Cheesecake Corner. All I can say is save room for dessert.It was an absolute delight.I made sure to stop by the Grammy Building to say hi to the staff.What a gorgeous Spring day in Memphis! Friends, History, Food, Music and a Sold Out Show!I am so blessed!

photo by BunnyBoot Photography

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