Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Journey Overseas Days 1, 2 and 3

Day 1
It's been 6 years since I have been across the pond and the reception has been incredible. The first show in London at Bush Hall was sold out and the audience was louder, bigger than any performances I've had in London since my first performance in 2002 at the Jazz Cafe.It was so crowded in the building. My heart almost stopped when the words to my songs were sung back to me. So much love returned. The band squeeze on a stage the size of a bathroom (laughing) and played the funk outta Bush Hall. I wish I had my horn section with me but I was kinda glad they weren't there we had nowhere to put! The 4:30am lobby call to head to Paris was a downer. But no one complained and we made it to Paris with enough time to sleep before the show.

Day 2
After an afternoon of rest just one interview and to my surprise the writer had all 5 of my recordings. After the interview I signed all his CD's and headed to soundcheck. The stage was small and the band was exhausted and with only 30mins to get ready they came to the stage and performed like they had slept all day. The crowd was nice and intimate. They knew every lyric and danced to the music and screamed for more. As the night went on more and more people arrived.It was awesome for my first time in Paris. I love the energy of the band here.We all seem really close and connected more than usual. Everyone was having fun. The night ended with kissing cheeks, signing papers and photos and a wonderful late dinner. What a perfect ending watching the nightlife of Paris with dinner.It was a great night.

Day 3
11:30am in the limo to the train station. Beggars, homelessness and vendors towered over us like eagles hunting prey. lol! Our drivers spoke in French demanding that they leave us alone. I pulled out my camera and started to take photos once we arrived inside the station. People waiting, running and eating. Looking at the board to display their track number waiting for their train to arrive. Amsterdam finally came up and we scrambled the long walk to board our train. Now I am here writing to you as I look out my window at a blue sky, green grass and the country side with interruptions of a tunnel and a train stop every now and then. Soon I will finally make my destination to a place where I found my father's music, decided to make many changes in my life and was at one of my lowest and highest moments of my life. I also had my last performance across the pond 6 years ago in one of my favorite places Amsterdam.Another sold out show at The Paradiso.Very excited and extremely tired.So happy for a day off.

photo by BunnyBoots Photography

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