Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Reason Why I sing: PJ MORTON

PJ Morton is a prodigious singer-songwriter and producer in the gospel and r&b genres.  He has written songs for Grammy Award winning songtress India Arie and Stella Award Winner DeWayne Woods.  He has recently decided to add "author" to his credits, releasing his new book entitled, "Why Can't I Sing About Love?"

In keeping with family tradition, PJ Morton creates his own lane, taking risks and saying all the things we wish we could say...

What do you know about love? i know that it takes work like any other thing you want to be successful at..
What do you think is missing in songwriting today? the stories
Is there something that you haven't done that you hope to do one day?if so what would it be and why? proabably win a grammy as an artist. its an accomplishment when your peers honor you.
How would you describe your music? soulful pop music
Why did you become an author? really wasn't planning on it. I just had something i really wanted to say and was passionate about. I knew I didn't want to say it in song form. I wanted to be something that people could take around and reference. That ended up being a book. 
What is your favorite song? hmm wow.. probably summersoft by stevie wonder.
What is your favorite word? free
What is your favorite sound? perfect harmony 

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