Saturday, August 15, 2009

Listen To The Legend: George Duke

What inspires you and why?Unconditional love, which is the greatest love of all
Is there anything you wish you could do over again?No.all my experiences good and bad have lead me to where I am today.
What is the best part of what you do?The ability to reach people where it really counts
What is the best advice you would give an artist, producer or instrumentalist?
Develop your craft - find out who you are - have faith in that knowledge and don't be afraid to show and act on that individuality. In the end that statement of musical independence and identity will contribute to your longevity.
What is your favorite song?The next one I write
What is your favorite word?love
What is your favorite sound?That primal sound  a woman makes while making love - hello (smile)

photo by Bobby Holland

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