Sunday, August 2, 2009


- Variety shows made people famous, is reality tv the new modern day variety show ?
- Is it me or is every ladies restroom just as filthy as the mens restroom? (Don't ask me how I know that! lol!)
 - Is it just me but do you miss Jill Scott like I do?
 - Why are ice cream and chocolate so euphoric?
 - How come people who don't like you, never call or answer your calls, in person talk to you like you are best friends? Explain that somebody!
- Why is it that the movie "All About Eve" is still one of the best movies in the World?It's been a hit for 50years.
- Why do artists say they don't care about what people think when they really do?
 - Why is there always traffic in LA, when there is no place else to go but straight ahead or off to the right or left?

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