Thursday, February 4, 2010


I could not believe I was in a room filled with Legends. Lil 'ol me hugging Mr. Larry King, Mr. Dr. Phil, Ms. Denise Rich, Mrs. Angela Basset with her husband Mr. Courtney B. Vance and James Ingram and his beautiful wife Mrs. Denise Ingram.We were all there to celebrate Ms. Natalie Cole's 60th Birthday! This beautiful Woman asked two people to sing Happy Birthday. "Will you sing Happy Birthday to me?" Hmmm..are you kidding me?She's looking at me.( I thought to!) The Legendary Smokey Robinson and lil 'ol Me.( I almost passed out and my knees would not stop shaking). Mr.Smokey sang first and I sang to her while standing right next to him. Amazing!!!

After blowing out the candles on her Tiffany multi-box layered shaped birthday cake, she adorned us with two songs. I was holding back my tears as she sang and looked absolutely gorgeous. Ms. Cole sang so sweet with her jazz trio.Simply amazing.My night ended with food and laughter with more new friends. This made my evening after the Grammy Awards my favorite stand out moment!

Photo by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/Getty Images North America


  1. You know you were born a super star, the cream always to the to. Love you. Mom looks good. Aunt Tracey

  2. Wow, that's awesome!! What a moment that must have been for you!